Arctic IX

Arctic Internet Exchange

The Problem

Internet in the North is very costly and for many communities, comes via satellite. Most networks (Northwestel, New North Networks, Bell, Ice Wireless, SSI Micro, territorial governments, CANARIE) do not interconnect locally so all traffic between them goes down south and back again. Internet, particularly satellite, is too expensive and slow to waste.

The Solution

Let's start having networks in the North connect directly with each other at "Internet Exchange Points" (IXPs). The Arctic Internet Exchange (ArcticIX) has been formed with the sole intention of bringing Internet Service Providers (ISPs), government and educational institutions in the North closer together. By doing so, we can strengthen the Internet community while providing mutually beneficial and free public peering points for all local Internet traffic.

By simply connecting, ArcticIX will enable a platform for high bandwidth, low latency websites and applications in any community with an IXP.


There are planned IXPs in Iqaluit (Nunavut), Inuvik (NWT) and Labrador City (Labrador).


Send an email to the Network Team. Please consider contributing.

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